Friday, October 31, 2008

31 Spooky Casual Friday

No Halloween costume post here....that happened last weekend at the Halloween party.

I got an email asking why I crop my head out of the pictures I post daily, and I guess it's confession time. I don't put my makeup on at home in the morning (I think maybe I should have included this in my honest weblog info). I put my make up on in my car on my way to work. I know, I know, it's dangerous and not good to do that, but guess what? I do. I don't try to put stuff on while I'm actually moving, but when I'm at a light, I put my make up on. I don't wear a lot during the week either, so it's quick and easy. I don't look bad without make up, but I look better with it. So, that's why. On to the outfit....

Today's Outfit
Top: White cami tank - AGX
Blue (see through!) cardi - Mossimo, Target
Bottom: Brown twill pants - Merona, Target
Shoes: Red patent wedge peep toes - Madeline Stuart, Ross
Necklace was gifted

It's going to be in the 80's this weekend here in much for fall!


canridings said...

I am a car makeup girl as well, I never have time to do it at home. I always wait until I get to a certain light in my nieghborhood to do the eyeliner, the light is really long so it's good for me. I also have that sweater in tan and black, I have been wearing it to death this summer. I hate my arms so this is a way for me to cover them up without sweating to much.

Ally said...

I post my pics at work b/c I don't put on make up at home. I get to work early and slap on make up and snap my pic before I'm scheduled to be here/open.

I used to put mine on en route, but I switched locations about 18 months ago and there aren't many traffic lights!

We all have our little morning secrets :)

Angie said...

I love that sweater. As for the make up, no biggy as long as you are doing it at lights. I do mine at home but then again I have an 18 month old that is a serious early riser. What else am I gonna do at the crack of dawn???

Lynette said...

I still remember the first time I rode in the car with you driving. Ridiculous!

(and where were you this morning?!?!)

Milly said...

i like that necklace

deborah-lee said...

Haa, I put mine on in the train. I have toyed with taking photos of myself on the train while my makeup is fresh. Most times I just get pictures of my half worn out makeup when I get home. Odd times I take the camera to work.

Thus, like you, I don't have headshots on most of my pictures either.