Monday, October 13, 2008

13 What a Day!

I'm posting at the end of my day today because I didn't have time this morning. I'm so tired! Who would have thought that sitting all day would wear you out? I guess when you're in a meeting for 4 hours, that's what happens. It looks like the sweater is pulling in this pic, but I assure you it is not. I absolutely love ruffle neck lines and always want to purchase them. I didn't feel weird in this one, but sometimes I do feel like a clown.
Today's Outfit

Top: IM sleeveless, ruffle neck blouse - IM, Target

Short sleeve v-neck cardi - Old Navy

Bottom: Black, tweedish pants - Forth and Towne

Shoes: Black peep toe pumps - Enzo, Macy's

Hope everyone had a good day!


The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

IM is marvelous! That shirt is gorgeous, love the color!

Kimberly said...

Love, love, love the ruffle neck blouse. It looks so much better on your than the Target model!

TexNYQueen said...

That collar is just supreme and what a rich color. Love it.

Work With What You've Got said...

LOVE the ruffle neck. XOXO