Tuesday, October 7, 2008

07 I'm a Mess Tuesday

You ever wake up, think you have it together for the day, and then turns out, you just don't? That's me today. Now that I'm at work, things are going to be fine, but getting here was most of the battle! I woke up early, went to workout, and had an outfit idea in my head. When I got home, I got all the pieces together (which I should have done last night), ironed (again, should have done last night), and when I put it on, I was like...."Really, this is what I thought would look okay today?" Uh, no, but it was too late to change my mind, I needed to get to work and get on with my day. The day's already much better now!
Today's Outfit
Top: Polka dot, button down, short sleeve, tie top - Merona, Target
Black v-neck sweater shell - Hillard & Hanson, Mervyn's (yes, this is that old!)
Bottom: Maroon cuffed pants - Worthington, JCP
Shoes: Pointy toe, black slingbacks - Parade

I need to experiment with my camera, I have no clue what all the functions are for and really don't care, but my bottom half is so dark and I have all the lights on in my house! Maybe I need to pick a new place for pics, we'll see.


ohthatgirl said...

Girl, hush! This outfiut is cute.

V said...

Thanks, OTG...it's not that I think it's terrible, but not what I "expected" I'm over it already...ha!

Work With What You've Got said...

I am so confused. You look really cute. I would totally wear that outfit, and I don't wear pants very often!~

I am with you on the camera, friend. I have no idea what I am doing. I have the best luck on the "landscape" setting which makes NO sense and also tints everything all sunset-y. I do like the editing stuff they have at Flickr though!~ I'm having fun with that.

Milly said...

uuhhhmmm...Whats wrong with it???
i think its fine :D

Kimberly said...

The outfit is totally cute, but I know what you are saying. Sometimes I look so friggin' cute in my head and then, um yeah, not so much in person!

As for taking pictures - there have been a couple of threads on Flickr's Wardrobe Remix that have some good info. Here you go if you want to read up: