Thursday, October 2, 2008

02 A Bit More Casual

Even though it's not Friday, I decided to go a bit more casual today. My idea of casual is anytime I'm wearing jeans or khaki pants. They're cotton and easily wrinkled. I do wear jeans when I go out with friends, but the tops, shoes and accessories make the outfit a bit more dressy.
Today's Outfit
Bottom: Khaki Twill pants - JC Penney
Shoes: Nine West Plum peep-toe, t-strap pump - Macy's


Kimberly said...

Those shoes are horrible, so ugly - yes, yes, I hate for you to have to endure them any longer. I will email you my address so you can ship them out at once. :-)

Love them!

D'Rae said...

Those shoes are fab! LOVE THEM!

Hillary said...

oh i love those shoes!

Ally said...

Those shoes just won't work for Kimberly. Send them to me instead. I'll take them off your hands and save her from the horrors.


Psyche said...

Those shoes are fabulous! Love the entire look.