Wednesday, October 1, 2008

01 Wednesday's Outfit

No catchy title here...I've taken a cue from E and wanted to start my titles with the date of the month, that way if I have a catchy title, great, but if not, I'll know what the date is!

So, when you're like me, you fit into misses clothes, but can sometimes wear women's sizes. I must say I do have a hard time with women's because although they cut the pants for bigger thighs and hips (!), sometimes it's a tad too much. I swear by my alterations lady and love her for making things fit me.

I saw this dress at Target a while back and tried it on. It was too big, but I thought it was so cute! Yesterday when I went to Target (my weekly stop), I saw it was on clearance (30% off), so I figured I'd give it a try. I took it home, washed it, and *gasp* dried it! I NEVER put my clothes in the dryer unless something is a bit too big or they're undergarments, or something I just don't really care that much about. The dress did shrink a tiny bit, but I still feel like it's too big on me, so I'm going to take it to my trusty alterations lady this weekend along with some pants and a dress I need to get hemmed.

Today's Outfit

Dress: Mossimo - Target
Shoes: Black and White snakeskin, peep-toe, slingback, MJ's - Newport News
Accesories: I used the self belt the dress came with and did actually put a necklace and earrings on before heading out the door.

What other color of belt should I try out with this dress? I tried a thick, black belt, but that one kept sliding around my waist.


The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

The dress is cute and will work well with tights and a cardi when it gets cooler out. Shoes = Hot!

Work With What You've Got said...

I have no ideas for the belt. Except that red might be fun. But those shoes are to die for. AND they are going to be cute with tights too!~ woot!~

The fit on that dress looks fine in the picture, but I know sometimes it can be just a bit better and make a HUGE difference.

I had to take a dress in last week because it was cut really BOXY and I wanted to show my curves. I earned them thankyouverymuch!~

The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

As far as belt colors...chocolate brown or cream maybe?

E said...

That dress will be good for soooo many things! I'm glad you picked it up. As far as the belt goes... Yellow, purple, or bright red. Something snappy!

And thanks for the shout-out! I grew tired of making names for each post; now there's no pressure to be impressive ;)

Milly said...

I sooo love your actually wearing something similar from SM but must admit..yours are so damn nicer lol

ohthatgirl said...

I love this dress on you and ITA any color belt would work wonderfully. And I covet those shoes!!!!

I usually end up naming my post after album or song makes it easier because I'm always listening to music.

SimplyMe said...

That dress is cute! How about a gold belt with some gold jewelry.

Btw: I adore that shirt from Kiyonna... plotting on it. :)

D'Rae said...

I think it would look pretty with yellow or purple or cream. And I have to agree with everyone else that a cardi would look fab with it to this fall & winter!

Psyche said...

Love the dress! I wish I could find that in my Target :)