Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Was I Thinking??

I got today's dress at NY and Co a few weeks ago, and I swear, it looked good in the store. I've been agonizing about the dress for the last couple of weeks and wondered if I should just return it. I decided to keep it, but today when I was puzzled about which belt to wear with it (I wore the khaki and black yesterday, the leopard was too skinny, the red one looked weird, you get the point...), this was as good as it got. I felt like I could deal with it, but as soon as I got to work I asked myself, "What were you thinking???"

When you're "Little in the middle, but you got much back" like me, a skirt or dress can sometimes creep up on you from behind. I think this happens to lots of ladies, but the "much back" on me just makes it more of a hassle to wear. I did get a few compliments on this dress, but I figure if I'm not completely comfortable in this then I think this may have to head to the give away pile, or I might be able to deal with this, but not at work.

Today's Outfit

Dress: NY and Co
Red Cami: some no name brand - AGX
Shoes: Garnet peep toe pumps - Madeline Stuart, Ross
Accessories: Metallic belt - Xhileration, Target


Hillary said...

I think you should keep it.

Work With What You've Got said...

I think you should keep it too. Maybe try wearing one of those form fitting/shapewear slips with it, to keep it from riding up. But not one that's too tight and flattens! I have a few things I have to do that with. I think it's very flattering on you. And the "much back" is kind of the best part!~

Camille Cheri said...

you look just fine.I LOVE YOUR BLOG:)As a plus size girl myself I know how frustrating that can be.i agree with the above comment.Afterwards you should feel a lot better.

canridings said...

I know how you feel, even if it looks of to others if you are not comfortable you will never wear it again. Is there any way that you could get is altered to fit better?
I think it looks great despite how you may feel in it.

deborah-lee said...

Oooh I think keep it. I wore a dress very much like this for an interview today. You can see it on my blog soon if you like :)

I've worn it with a big belt like yours and got heaps of raves. Today I wore it with the fabric belt that came with it. Just made sure the belt had loads ands loads of starch so it sort of became a bit of a feature of the dress itself.

Glad I've found your blog. Look forward to seeing your updates.