Sunday, September 28, 2008


On Friday night, I headed out to a Pirate Party! I have to say, I was never one for theme parties, but since meeting all my wonderful friends when I moved back to Houston in 2005, I'm a convert!

Here are some pics from the party...
The first one is of Melissa and myself, then there's Hill in her cute zebra/floral tunic top, and the final is a group shot of us giving our best "Arrrrrrr" impression

Outfit Details
Top: LOL Vintage - Target
Bottom: Dark Rinse Boot cut Gap edition jeans - Forth and Towne
Shoes (although you can't really see them): Silver metallic pumps - Nine West, Macy's
Accessories: Red Bandana - Dollar Store
Pirate Eye Patch - Party City
Silver Hoop Earrings - Old Navy

On Saturday I was off to San Antonio to attend a Baby Shower for one of my wonderful sorority sisters (and friend). Since graduating from college, we've all taken our separate paths, but always manage to stay the best of friends. I love getting together with these ladies so we can reminisce about old times and talk about all the new things happening in our lives. I'm blessed to have a fabulous group of friends from school and another great group of ladies that I've met when I moved back to Houston!

Here's a group shot of the lovely ladies from the baby shower....

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