Monday, September 29, 2008

Matchy-Matchy Monday

A short post today because, well, I have a lot of work to do today!
Today's Outfit
Top: Purple striped short sleeve, button up shirt - NY and Co
Purple short sleeve cardigan - NY and Co
Bottom: Black "Tweedish" pant - Forth and Towne
Shoes: Purple Snakeskin pump - Bandolino
Accessories: Clear, chunky necklace - Gifted from my friend, Lilly, Banana Republic
Here's detail of the necklace and of my was taken on my desk!

I'm not really sure what type of print my pants would classify as. I have this black pair, which looks more like grey in a picture and I have a brown pair that I wore last week. I love these pants and wear them a lot.
Non-outfit related item: Does anyone love NKOTB as much as I do? I know it's not likely, but there was a VH1 special last night and they went to their live concert in Boston last night. They showed the first three songs of their concert, and I can't wait to go! I feel like I'm a 14 year old all over them!


The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

Your cardi is super cute and love the shoes. I *heart* NKOTB!!!! I still dream about Donnie, LOL!

Hillary said...

I love the shoes! I haven't had a chnce to watch NKOTB yet. Was it good?

E said...

I loooove the purple!

I was all about Raffi when NKOTB came on the scene...

Milly said...

Nice necklace....I love Jordan!!
i saw that show...Oh and im going to see them at the end of Oct.
I'm so excited..i'll be screaming like i was 15yrs old again :)