Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday's Outfit

I got into work late because I'm not feeling so hot. This whole hot and cold with the weather has my allergies going crazy! But, as the day goes on, I'm feeling much better...this is good. I swear, this outfit looks put together and even cute when you see it in person...I already got a compliment on it and I just got into the office.

Today's Outfit
Top: Khaki cami - no name brand, AGX
Sleeveless, gathered, chain-link top - NY and Co
Blue swing 1/2 sleeve jacket - NY and Co
Bottom: Grey, wide legged pants - Forth and Towne
Shoes: Metallic peep toe pumps - Newport News

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Matchy-Matchy Monday

A short post today because, well, I have a lot of work to do today!
Today's Outfit
Top: Purple striped short sleeve, button up shirt - NY and Co
Purple short sleeve cardigan - NY and Co
Bottom: Black "Tweedish" pant - Forth and Towne
Shoes: Purple Snakeskin pump - Bandolino
Accessories: Clear, chunky necklace - Gifted from my friend, Lilly, Banana Republic
Here's detail of the necklace and of my shoe....it was taken on my desk!

I'm not really sure what type of print my pants would classify as. I have this black pair, which looks more like grey in a picture and I have a brown pair that I wore last week. I love these pants and wear them a lot.
Non-outfit related item: Does anyone love NKOTB as much as I do? I know it's not likely, but there was a VH1 special last night and they went to their live concert in Boston last night. They showed the first three songs of their concert, and I can't wait to go! I feel like I'm a 14 year old all over again....love them!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


On Friday night, I headed out to a Pirate Party! I have to say, I was never one for theme parties, but since meeting all my wonderful friends when I moved back to Houston in 2005, I'm a convert!

Here are some pics from the party...
The first one is of Melissa and myself, then there's Hill in her cute zebra/floral tunic top, and the final is a group shot of us giving our best "Arrrrrrr" impression

Outfit Details
Top: LOL Vintage - Target
Bottom: Dark Rinse Boot cut Gap edition jeans - Forth and Towne
Shoes (although you can't really see them): Silver metallic pumps - Nine West, Macy's
Accessories: Red Bandana - Dollar Store
Pirate Eye Patch - Party City
Silver Hoop Earrings - Old Navy

On Saturday I was off to San Antonio to attend a Baby Shower for one of my wonderful sorority sisters (and friend). Since graduating from college, we've all taken our separate paths, but always manage to stay the best of friends. I love getting together with these ladies so we can reminisce about old times and talk about all the new things happening in our lives. I'm blessed to have a fabulous group of friends from school and another great group of ladies that I've met when I moved back to Houston!

Here's a group shot of the lovely ladies from the baby shower....

Friday, September 26, 2008

Moving Day

It's moving day at work today, so jeans are in order. I'm a consultant for a very large oil and gas company and Fridays are casual anyway. I try to pair a cute top with either jeans or some type of chino pant. We're moving from one part of the floor to the other....I don't have to do much in the move besides pack....lucky me.

Today's Outfit
Top: Green tie top - Merona, Target
Bottom: Dark jeans - Mossimo, Target
Shoes: Brown strappy sandals - Tommy Hilfiger, Macy's

Here's detail of the bow...not the neatest bow, but it will do.

How is it that Hill and I always wear green on the same day? Great minds think alike, friend!

This weekend I'll be going to the same pirate party that Hill mentioned in her blog, and I have a cute outfit planned....I'm sure there will be lots of pics, so I'll post them this weekend. I'm also going to San Antonio for a baby shower for a dear friend of mine, pics to follow.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Was I Thinking??

I got today's dress at NY and Co a few weeks ago, and I swear, it looked good in the store. I've been agonizing about the dress for the last couple of weeks and wondered if I should just return it. I decided to keep it, but today when I was puzzled about which belt to wear with it (I wore the khaki and black yesterday, the leopard was too skinny, the red one looked weird, you get the point...), this was as good as it got. I felt like I could deal with it, but as soon as I got to work I asked myself, "What were you thinking???"

When you're "Little in the middle, but you got much back" like me, a skirt or dress can sometimes creep up on you from behind. I think this happens to lots of ladies, but the "much back" on me just makes it more of a hassle to wear. I did get a few compliments on this dress, but I figure if I'm not completely comfortable in this then I think this may have to head to the give away pile, or I might be able to deal with this, but not at work.

Today's Outfit

Dress: NY and Co
Red Cami: some no name brand - AGX
Shoes: Garnet peep toe pumps - Madeline Stuart, Ross
Accessories: Metallic belt - Xhileration, Target

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pardon the Dust....

I'm trying something new....something that "fits" me, so I'm going to be experimenting with some layouts, etc. I REALLY would love something in the purple color scheme, but red is the second option!

The layout is courtesy of the ladies at The Cutest Blog on the Block.

Can I Make the Commitment?

So, I'm going to attempt to plan my outfit the night before. This will #1 give me more time in the morning instead of rushing around and #2 ease my mind and feel more put together. We'll see how this goes....I'm not much of a planner, and tend to change my mind a lot.

Today's Outfit
Surplice Black Shirt - Merona, Target
Tribal/Safari print dress (under the top) - NY and Co
Khaki Stretch Belt with Black Buckle - NY and Co
Black and Tan Wooden Bangles - Gifted
Black Slingback Peep Toe Pumps - Cathy Jean

I got the belt last weekend in my clean-up at NY and Co. I have a black shirt dress that I initially wanted to pair it with, but when I tried it on, the shirt dress looked a bit too short, it's right above the knee instead of hitting the knee. I don't know....when it comes to hemlines for skirts or dresses, what is appropriate for the office?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is Fall Here Yet?

Even though it's "technically" Fall/Autumn, whatever you want to call it, here in Houston...forget it. It's supposed to get up into the high 80's, low 90's today....that's crazy! So, for today's outfit, I have a bit of Fall, and still a bit of Summer with my shoes.

Today's Outfit
Tops: White Oxford Shirt - NY and Co
City Style Pleated Wrap Over Top - NY and Co
Bottom: Brown "Tweedish" (I make my own words up) Pants - Forth and Towne
Shoes: Metallic Wedges - Mossimo, Target

Jewelry: Earrings - Diamond Solitares (I call these my Oprah-in-training diamonds)

Necklace - Gold Heart Pendant, which I later changed to strands of gold circles necklace

Any ideas on how to wear this Wrap Over Top from NY and Co? I see on the website, the model is wearing it kind of like I have, except her shirttails are showing. My white oxford shirt is shorter, so that wasn't an option, but I don't want to always do this shirt under this sweater. Suggestions are appreciated!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Here it Goes....

So, I'm back from the Hurricane Ike fallout. I didn't go to work last week because of Ike, and even though I was thankful that I had some time off, I couldn't wait to get back to work! It's so weird, when you're not planning on having any time off, then you get it, but nothing is open, friends go back to work, and you have limited options, you just want to get back to the normal routine of it all.

Today's Outfit:
Shoes: Black Peeptoes - Enzo, Macy's
Pants: Black Pants - Merona, Target
Tops: Black Cami - not sure of the label, Steinmart
Plaid Cardigan - NY and Co
Accessories: Silver/Grey belt - Merona, Target
Necklace - NY and Co

When I was in college, I would always shop at NY and Co, back then it was Lerner. I then got over them, but I'm back with them again! I think they have great deals, and I typically love most of their clothes. I made out like a bandit this weekend, with this dress, a couple of these, (in navy and purple, to go along with the plaid (wearing today) and the pink zebra print), this sweater "vest", and a couple of belts. I also did some damage at OldNavy.com to take advantage of their "BFF" 20% off sale. I got lots of goodies that I will be wearing in the future. Now it's time to get back to my "budget" and all I really need to purchase now are a few pair of shoes.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Hunkering Down!

So, Hurricane Ike is on its way and I've decided to ride it out in the 'burbs with my cousin and her husband. Let's hope that all my family and friends are safe.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm Trying, I'm Trying....

So, I jumped on board Hill's blog since I "introduced" her to my daily blog reading. I haven't been as on top of things as she has, but I do eventually want to post my daily outfits to mix things up a bit. I'm lazy and have been slacking. I need to get my closets in order and get my shoes in order a bit more, and then find a new spot to snap pics...my first option has some "ghost" orbs and I have no clue why. I'll figure it out and probably start posting in the next couple of weeks.

I hope the hurricane doesn't come our way!!!